This website is meant primarily for those who love Martin guitars.

This website will document individual Martin guitars for the enjoyment of all. It is not limited to rare or
expensive instruments, anybody’s guitar is welcome!

What makes this website different is that the entries on the website are searchable. By typing in a few
key words you will be able to find instruments or any detailed information of particular interest to you.

Hopefully, after a few hundred entries have been posted, this website will become a valuable resource
for collectors of Martin instruments.

The website is not associated with the Martin Guitar Co.

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How Does It Work?

Send me the serial number of your guitar and detailed pictures, including interior shots. You can get an idea of the kind of photos that work by reviewing a few of the entries already on the site. I will post a short write up of your guitar and attach the photos you sent. If you really want to be helpful you can provide the dimensions of your guitar per the format you will see in some of the entries.

Send serial numbers and photos to dghutton99@gmail.com

There is no charge for me to post an entry of your instrument or for you to use the site for your research or enjoyment. However, any donation you would care to make would be greatly appreciated.

The site is not limited to guitars, any Martin instrument is welcome. I will even consider non-Martin acoustic instruments of particular interest, although the focus will remain be on Martin instruments.

If your instrument doesn’t have a serial number, even better! Just send photos of your guitar and I will attempt to date your instrument and provide what information I can.

A few rules:
1)  Ownership of any instrument is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone whatsoever. So don’t ask!
2)  There may be situations where I post articles for instruments currently for sale on the market,
with permission of the dealer. In this case I will attach a link to the dealer’s site in the article but will not show the asking price. This is not a buy and sell site, I am just hoping to capture information on interesting instruments.
3)  By sending me the serial number and photos of your instrument you are giving me permission to post them to this site, although photos remain your property and will not be shared with anyone without express permission.
4)  This website will not provide an appraisal of the condition of any instrument nor offer any opinion as to its market value. Let’s just enjoy the guitars that collectors are willing to share!
5)  I may offer a few notes on details of a particular instrument that aren’t original in order to avoid confusion.

Joseph Kekuku (1874-1932), Inventor of the Steel Guitar.
Joseph Kekuku (1874-1932), Inventor of the Steel Guitar