1899 “Orange Top” Martin 1-21 Guitar (Serial Number 8358)

This guitar is a "orange" top Martin 1-21 guitar from 1899. It is signed "H.A.V." and dated "Jan. 16, 1899". "H.A.V." was  H. Alvin Voigt who worked for Martin from 1892 to 1901.

The "orange" top finish is a result of Martin using unbleached shellac instead of bleached shellac.

The guitar was stamped on January 12, 1899 and was shipped to W. W. Pickerill in Tacoma WA on February 18, 1899.

The back of the headstock has an unusual single-line "MARTIN" stamp. So far this stamp has only been seen on some guitars and mandolins from 1899.


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