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1920 Martin 0-18 Guitar, Serial Number 15203

Serial number was stamped around mid-June 1920.

One interesting feature of this guitar is the coarse grain structure of the wood used for the neck. This type of wood is Philippine Mahogany (genus Shorea) which is not considered a true mahogany (genus Swietenia). It was used for the necks of Martin guitars circa 1919 to 1920.

Style 18 features:

Back and sides: Mahogany (probably Mexican)

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Purfling: Lines

Binding: Rosewood

Backstripe: Single line of rosewood purfling

Other period features:

Light X-bracing

Ebony fingerboard (original?)

Rosewood pyramid bridge (original?)

C. F. Martin & Co. stamp on back of headstock

No style stamp

At the time of writing this guitar is available at Schoenberg Guitars (

Photos courtesy of Schoenberg Guitars

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