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1929 Martin 2-28T Guitar, Serial Number 40051

In the late 1920s tenor guitars became a major part of Martin's product line. Initially, Martin mostly based their tenor models on size 5 and 2 guitars. Putting the short tenor scale on a size 5 guitar worked reasonably well but the short scale on the relatively long body of a size 2 guitar resulted in an awkward loction of the bridge, such as on this guitar.

Although the size 2 body usually had a 12-fret neck, the short tenor scale allowed Martin to accomodate a 14-fret tenor neck.

Serial number 40051 was stamped on October 25, 1929 and cleared final onspection on February 19, 1930.

The 2-28T guitars were a short-livedĀ  model with 27 being made in 1928 and 1929. Martin also offered a 2-28T-L with a longer scale but these only accounted for a further 31 guitars, also in 1928 and 1929.

The tuners are Grover #90 banjo pegs.

Style 28 features:

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Purfling: Herringbone

Binding: White celluloid

Backstripe: Zig-zag pattern

Other period features:

Scalloped X-bracing

Ebony fingerboard

Ebony straight bridge

No pick guard

Slotted diamond and square fingerboard inlays

C. F. Martin stamp on back of headstock

No style stamp

Photos courtesy of Player Vintage Instruments

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