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1930 Martin 00-21, Serial Number 44066

Serial number 44066 was stamped on September 23, 1930 and cleared final inspection on October 7 that year.

A small number of 1930 00-21 guitars were made with a "dark top" but this sunburst finish is so subtle is often referred to as amberburst or teaburst.

Style 21 features:

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Purfling: Lines

Soundhole decoration: Herringbone purfling

Backstripe: Herringbone

Other vintage features:

Scalloped X-bracing

No pick guard

Ebony fingerboard

Ebony Belly bridge

"C. F. Martin & Co." stamp on back of headstock

Ebony neck reinforcement

Square fingerboard inlays

Nickel silver bar frets

Photos courtesy of Steve Swan Guitars

One thought on “1930 Martin 00-21, Serial Number 44066

  1. It is amazing how similar this 1930 00-21 is to my 1967 00-21. Yes the finger board and bridge are BRW on the 1967 example but other than that, they are the same. This was a model that survived the switch to 14 models in the early 1930s. It is still produced but now with. East Indian Rosewood.

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