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1930 Martin OM-28, Serial Number 41526

This guitar is one of those rarely seen beasts, an early OM-28 with a pyramid bridge. The first belly bridges did not appear on the OM guitars until the end of the first week of April 1930. All of the OM-28 guitars to that point were equiped with a pyramid bridge, a total of 102 being made in that time. However, if you are looking for a pryamid bridge OM-18 or OM-45 you will have to be extremely lucky, only two were made of each!

It should also be remembered that Martin experienced a lot of trouble with the pyramid bridges popping off so a number of the pyramid bridge OM-28s were refitted with belly bridges. That makes original pyramid OM-28 guitars just that much harder to find.

As an early OM-28 this guitar also features the distinctive "small" OM pick guard that remained in use until replaced by the "large" pick guard in March 1931.

Serial number 41526 was stamped on February 20, 1930 and cleared final inspection on April 3 that year. Just over 5 weeks in production, the OM-28 guitars were in demand!

Like all style 28 guitars of the period there is herringbone purfling around the top and the backstripe has a zig-zag pattern.

Sides and back: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)


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