1932 Martin 00-21 Guitar (Serial Number 52189)

Serial number 52189 was stamped on November 9, 1932 and cleared final inspection on May 8, 1933. For the time period, a production of more than 6 months meant that this model was not in high demand. This guitar displays the lovely "amberburst" finish that was in use during 1932 and 1933. It appears that only three instruments from this batch of guitars had this finish.

The guitar was eventually shipped to The Meikeljohn Co. of Woonsocket, Rhode Island on May 31, 1935. It comes from a batch of twenty-five regular 00-21 instruments but was shipped as a "Hawaiian" guitar (probably set-up as for gut strings and supplied with a nut extender, without having a tall bridge saddle).

The decal on the headstock appears to be the first version of the famous "C. F. Martin" logo.


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