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1936 Martin F-9 Guitar, Serial Number 63593

The F-9 guitars were the most expensive guitars offered by Martin in the pre-war period, surpassing even the price of D-45 guitars. In 1941 the F-9s had a retail price of $250 compared to $225 for the D-45.

A total of 72 F-9 guitars were made between 1935 and 1942 but sales in 1935 and 1936 accounted for 47 of the total. Sales tapered off sharply from 1937.

Serial number 63593 was stamped on June 18, 1936 and cleared final inspection on December 31 that year. Six months in production was quite long for the period so demand for this ultra fancy model must have been somewhat sporadic.

The tuners are gold plated G-98G pointed plate machines with an "M" engraved on the buttons. The gold plated tailpiece is a Grover G-29G model.

At the time of writing (March 2, 2019) this guitar is available at Elderly Instrument.

Photos courtesy of Elderly Instrument

3 thoughts on “1936 Martin F-9 Guitar, Serial Number 63593

  1. So I happened to find on-line these pictures today of a 1936 F-9 Martin Guitar. I recognized it instantly from my “long-ago” past. I borrowed acoustic guitars from friends back when I was eight (8) years old; (I’m 69 years old these days). The first was a no-name nylon string guitar loaned to me by my neighbor, Tommy Clark, who took it out of his older brother’s room and gave it to me. Within a week or two, I had to return it FAST, but I got the “taste”.

    My second borrowed guitar came from my school buddy named “Buzzy Tuttle”, who’s father (“Roger D. Tuttle”) was a famous NBC newscaster in NYC (

    Buzzy had grabbed his father’s F-9 Martin and gave it to me. I had it for months. I played and played that Tuttle Martin guitar and learned to love it. When Buzzy later informed me his father wanted his guitar back FAST, I returned it to Buzzy at school (the Franklin Public School in Westfield, NJ) on Friday afternoon after school let out. I was heartbroken. On the following Monday, Buzzy said he and the other siblings were “playing” with that guitar and their father accidently ran over it with the car.

    So, I thought you might appreciate how I came to appreciate Martin Guitars. I have been playing Martins for more than 50 years; thanks to that Tuttle Martin; an F-9. Most definitely. Thanks for the memories!

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. That’s a great, if sad, story! And that it what my website is all about. I haven’t had many collectors send me their stories as yet but I will post them if I get permission. For me it has always been about the story!

      Greig Hutton

  2. Greig, Thanks for your kind words and your well-conceived new Guitarphile website. These days, I am often told that I recite too many old stories (according to my wife). It was my seeing the F-9 Martin so vividly on you website that opened the memory- flood-gates, you see.

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