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1940 Martin D-45L, Serial Number 75289

This guitar must be considered the rarest of the rare! It is well known that Martin made 91 D-45 guitars between 1933 and 1942. Of these only ONE was left-handed.

The D-45L was ordered on June 10, 1940 by Coast Wholesale Music Co. in Los Angeles. Serial number 75289 was stamped on June 12, 1940 and cleared final inspection on July 1, just 2-1/2 weeks later! It was shipped on July 12 to Coast Wholesale.

It is not known who the original customer was and the guitar was purchased used in the late 1940s or early 1950s and is still in the possession of the family. The owner was right-handed and added a second pick guard. He also replaced the bridge with a bridge for right-handed playing. By some miracle the family still has the original left-handed bridge, saddle and nut! The owner applied the extra pick guard with white glue so there is minimal damage to the original finish in case it is ever re-converted for left-hand playing.

I normally do not offer comments on the condition of instruments but it has been inspected by a well-known luthier and this guitar is in original condition, except for the extra pick guard and the replaced bridge.

The original machines were changed at some point with Grover 102G gold-plated tuners but these have now been switched for a set of replacement Grover G-111G machines that originally graced the guitar.

The guitar even has its original green plush Lifton case.











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