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1943 Martin 0-17 Guitar, Serial Number 83391

Serial number 83391 was stamped on February 10, 1943 and cleared final inspection on April 9 that year.

The tuners are Kluson 502 machines with white celluloid buttons. The backing plates still retain the stamped rim seen in earlier Klusons machines. Later war-time Klusons had plain backing plates.

Typical of war time Martin guitars the neck has ebony reinforcement rather than a steel T-bar.

Style 17 features:

Back and sides: Mahogany

Top: Mahogany

Purfling: Single white line

Binding: Mahogany (?)

Other period features:

Scalloped X-bracing

Rosewood fingerboard

Dot inlays

Rosewood straight bridge

Decal on front of the headstock

No C. F. Martin stamp on the back of the headstock

Style stamp

Pick guard

No tuner bushings on front of headstock

At the time of writing this guitar is available at Schoenberg Guitars

Photos courtesy of Schoenberg Guitars.

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