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1905 Martin 000-21, Serial Number 10009

Serial number 10009 is one of the earliest 000-sized Martin guitar. It was stamped around January 30, 1905 and was shipped to Henry Spahr in Jersey City, NJ on March 28, 1905.

Henry Spahr was a music teacher and had an important infleunce on Martin in the early 20th century. It was Spahr who ordered the first 000 guitar in late 1901 and many of the early 000 guitars were sold to him. It could also be that the 000-sized guitars were considered by Martin to be a special Spahr model, much like the oroginal Ditson Dreadnought guitars. Most of the early 000 guitars ordered by Spahr received a special "H. SPAHR/J.C." stamp. Sometimes the stamp was placed below the C. F. Martin stamp, as in this example, and sometimes it was stamped on top of the headstock.

This guitar is somewhat of a special ordered since it was ordered as a 000-21 but was upgraded with the addition of German silver tuners. The tuners are Seidel (probably style #5) machines with ivory buttons.

As a rule I don't comment on condition but this guitar is in obvious excellent shape.

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

At the time if writing (March 12, 2019) this guitar is availabe at Lark Street Music.

Photos courtesy of Lark Street Music.

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