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1934 Martin 000-18 Guitar (Serial number 57921)


Serial number 57921 was stamped on October 8, 1934 and cleared final inspection on Jun 26, 1935 (a long time in production for the period) There must have been a fall-off in demand for the 000-18 around that time. At least eleven of twenty-five guitars in this batch had dark tops.

It was shipped to C. J. Magin Music Store in Belleville IL on November 11, 1935.

This is one of the earlier short-scale 1934 000-18 guitars made with the steel T-bar and T-frets.

The original tuners were probably Grover G-98 clipped plate machines with unseamed butterbean buttons. Currently the guitars has Grover G-98 pointed plate machines.


Style 18 features:

Back and sides: Mahogany

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Purfling: Lines

Binding: Tortoiseshell celluloid

Back Stripe: None

Other period features:

Scalloped advanced X-bracing

Ebony fingerboard

Ebony belly bridge

Steel T-bar neck reinforcement


1-3/4" neck width at nut

Tortoiseshell celluloid pick guard

Dot fingerboard inlays

Decal on front of headstock

C. F. Martin stamp on back of headstock

Style stamp

Photos courtesy of Jet City Guitars, LLC


2 thoughts on “1934 Martin 000-18 Guitar (Serial number 57921)

  1. I have a 34 Shade Top 000-18 if you would like to showcase it let me know and I can send some pictures.
    Very close in serial number 575xxx

    1. Joe

      Please go ahead and send me some photos and I will make an entry for your guitar. If you want credit for the photos just let me know.

      I will need the serial number.

      Greig Hutton

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