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1936 Martin 000-28 Guitar (Serial Number 62166)

Serial number 62166 was stamped on January 28, 1936 and cleared final inspection on July 9 that year.

The tuners are Grover G-98 pointed plate machines with seamed metal butterbean buttons.



Style 28 features:

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Purfling: Herringbone

Binding: Ivoroid

Back Stripe: Zig-zag purfling pattern

Other period features:

Advanced X-bracing with scalloped braces

Ebony fingerboard

Ebony belly bridge

Steel T-bar neck reinforcement

1-3/4" neck width at nut

Tortoiseshell celluloid pick guard

Slotted square and diamond fingerboard inlays

Decal on front of headstock

No C. F. Martin stamp on back of headstock

Style stamp


3 thoughts on “1936 Martin 000-28 Guitar (Serial Number 62166)

  1. Thanks you for all the work you do for Martin guitar lovers…
    The guitar above a 1936 Martin 000-28 ss # 62166 was posted May 20th 2020. I have been in ownership of this instrument for more than a year. So I assume the person I purchased it from provided these pictures. Which is great…I very much support what you are doing here. I just want to understand circumstances…

    1. This is the first time I have encountered this issue but I have been expecting it.

      I have to trust the integrity of collectors and dealers when they give me permission to use photos they have of guitars. Obviously, instruments will change hands over time which is the reason I keep the information I post as non-controversial as possible. As you may have noted I don’t comment on condition (except in the most obvious circumstances such as a replaced bridge or tuner, etc.) or price. I don’t want to get involved in the commercial aspect of the guitar trade (that is between the buyer and seller) nor do I want to be part of the provenance of any instrument (it goes without saying that regular wear and tear will have an effect on condition given enough time).

      My only goal is to share interesting Martin guitars with those that may enjoy them and I am glad you agree. Secondarily, I was hoping my website would document features of vintage guitars and act as a useful reference for collector

      Greig Hutton

  2. Thanks for your response…I have no issues here. I know the person personally and will see them again and may just simply ask them about it.
    Again thanks for all you do for Martin Guitar lovers…

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