Martin Guitars

1935 Martin D-28, Serial Number 59395

Serial number 59395 was stamped on March 19, 1935 and cleared final inspection on August 15 that year.

Being an early D-28 it has advanced X-bracing and an 1-3/4" wide neck (string specing at the bridge is 2-5/16").

Like all pre-war D-28 guitars, it has herringbone purfling around the top of the guitar and the zig-zag backstripe. The tuners are Grover G-98 clipped plate tuners.

The guitar was once owned by Ford Rush Jr., son of Opry member and radio star Ford Rush. The Rush family stated that Rush played for Roy Acuff at some point but I have not been able to confirm this.

Rush originally played guitar on radio in Chicago where the instrument was purchased. The attached photos show the young Ford Rush with the D-28 shortly after it was purchased.

Photos courtesy of Folkway Music.


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