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1944 Martin D-18, Serial Number 88780

Seial number 88780 was stamped on August 22, 1944 and cleared final inspection on November 18 that year.

This guitar retains the scalloped braces that define pre-war Martins (the transition to straight braces occurred in December 1944).

The tuners are probably Kluson 502 machines. It will be noted the bushings are missing from the front of the headstock as a result of war-time metal restrictions.

Back and sides: Mahogany

Top: Adirondack spruce

Photos courtesy of Steve Swan Guitars.

4 thoughts on “1944 Martin D-18, Serial Number 88780

    1. I am starting to think the tuners with white buttons are Kluson 502 machines and the ones with black buttons are Kluson 502B machines. It’ll really be interesting as we start to fill in the population.

    1. I think I answered you on UMGF. A total of 425 D-18 guitars were made in 1943. At least three were dark tops.

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