Martin Guitars

1945 Martin 000-28, Serial Number 90740

Serial number 90740 was stamped on March 5, 1945 and cleared final inspection on June 6 that year.

Martin appears to have received a supply of steel T-bar in early 1945 so unlike most wr-time Martin guitars this one has the steel T-bar neck reinforcement rather than the ebony bar. The T-bar didn't last for long and by the end of 1945 Martin again reverted to the ebony bar neck reinforcement.

Typical of style 28 guitars of the period the top has herringbone purfling and the backstripe has a zig-zag pattern.

Scall0ped braces ended in late 1944 so this guitar has unscalloped straight braces.

War-time metal restrictions were still in place though and instead of receiving Kluson 511 tuners with metal buttons this guitar got Kluson 502 machines with celluloid buttons. It will be noted this guitar is also missing the bushings usually seen on the front of the headstock.

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Sitka spruce


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