Martin Guitars

1930 Martin OM-28, Serial Number 41222

This guitar can be identified as one of the earliest OM-28 guitars because it has an original pyramid bridge.

A total of 102 OM-28 guitars were made with pyramid bridges between late 1929 and April 1930. However, existing pyramid bridge OM-28 guitars are even rarer than the 102 production figure would suggest since many were converted to belly bridges by Martin within a few years of being made. Martin had been experiencing problems with the pyramid bridges popping off for some years as musicians increasing switched to the use of steel strings. The solution was the development of the belly bridge with its increased gluing area.

Serial number 41222 was stamped on February 3, 1930 and cleared final inspection on February 19 (just 16 days later!)

This guitar also has two other features that identify it as an early OM-28; the small OM pick guard and the Grover #90 Deluxe banjo tuners. The original pyramid bridges had straight ivory saddles compared to the slightly angled saddles of the earliest belly bridges

Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Other style 28 features: herringbone purfling, white celluloid binding, zig-zag backstripe

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