Martin Guitars

1932 Martin OM-18, Serial Number 52348

Serial number 52348 was stamped on November 28, 1932 and cleared final inspection on August 25, 1933 (a very long time in production for the period).

The OM-18 guitars made in 1932 were called "Model 32" and all had a "dark top", in Martin terminology. These are now commonly known as amberburst, honeyburst or teaburst to distinguish them from the later and darker sunburst finishes.

The tuners are modern replacements but shadows of the original baseplates indicate Grover G-98 clipped plate machines were mounted at the time of manufacture.

The decal is the early version, introduced in 1932, with plain gold letters.

The 14-fret neck has a scale length of 25.4" and isĀ  1-3/4" wide at the nut.

This guitar even has the original hang tag!

Back and sides: Mahogany

Top: Red spruce (Adirondack)

Photos courtesy of Folkway Music

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